Recycling Center


We have finally taken the wait out of taking empties to the store! On busy days, people have to wait for us to be able to get to the empties counter to see what they have. Now it's quick & easy! Just feed the machines, take your ticket, and come in to collect your money, or to put it toward the purchase of more stuff!  We hope this new convenience makes your visit even more enjoyable!  The recycling machines are located at the end of the parking lot in the "wood hut" as it has been called.  The machines are on from 10AM until 8PM every day, giving you an extra 2 hours a day to get rid of those pesky empties and make them into spendable cash!  I hope that the addition of our 3 Envipco recycling machines make it more convenient for all of you, and us too!  We are currently updating the machines monthly to take even more stuff! So if you have tried to feed items in, and they were not accepted, try again! It is a slow process, but we are working hard to make sure that every item we sell (and some that we do not) is accepted by the machines! At this time over 1500 different products are accepted by the machines, even many store brands.  Thanks for your patience!   If you keep your empties in the boxes they come in and SORTED we will still take them inside. So keep those case & 36 pack boxes around!