Bellport Cold Beer & Soda

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Ciders & Malternatives
Here is our selection of Ciders and malternatives.  The Ciders listed here contain alcohol. A malternative is an alternative malt beverage, such as Mike's Lemonade or Smirnoff Ice.  If you do not see what you are looking for we can special order it for you, just let us know.

Bacardi    Limon/Raz/O3/Silver/low-carb Black Cherry/Watermelon/Big Apple/Strawberry/Green Apple/Peach

Bartles & James    Blackberry/Melon Splash/Original/Pina Colada/Strawberry Daiquiri

Cider Jack Apple

Hardcore Premium Cider

Jack Daniels Hard Cola

Magner's Vintage Cider

Mike's Hard    Cranberry/Ice Tea/Lemonade/Lime/Light/Crisp Apple/Berry/Low Cal Low Carb/Variety Pack

Original Cin
   Pear Cider

Parrot Bay   Pineapple Orange/Passion Fruit & Mango/Berry & Kiwi

Seagram's    Orange Pineapple/Paradise Punch/Raspberry Daiquiri/Black Cherry Fiz/Fuzzy Navel/Green Apple/Pina Colada/Strawberry Daiquiri/Wild Berry/Mandarin Pineapple Pomegranate/Bahama Mama/Calypso Coloda/Green Apple/Jamaican Me Happy/Passionate Kiss/Smooth Variety/Strawberry Margarita/Tahitian Sunset/Tea Breeze

Smirnoff    Black/Ice/Twist Apple/Twist Cranberry/Twist Orange/Twist Raspberry/Twist
Watermelon/Twist Black Cherry/Party Pack/Arctic Berry/Black Cherry/Twist Grape


Twisted Tea    Iced Tea/Half & Half/Raspberry

Woodchuck Draft Cider     Amber/Granny Smith Apple/Pear/Raspberry

Woodpecker Hard Cider

Zima  Citrus/Tangerine/Pineapple Citrus

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